Non-steroid Eczema Cream: Cory’s Story of Itch Relief and Healing

Non-steroid Eczema Cream: Cory’s Story of Itch Relief and Healing

Are you looking to treat eczema without non-steroid eczema cream? You’re not alone. With many seeking alternatives to steroids, it's reassuring to have natural eczema cream options available. Because of their clean ingredients, some creams are even pediatrician and dermatologist-approved. 

Cory, a 32-year-old man from St Louis, was one of the participants in a 30-day study evaluating the efficacy of ARCTIVA Eczema Cream. Cory, like all the study participants, received a medical diagnosis of eczema. And, no one informed them of the name or brand of the product.

Cory’s Story of Eczema Itch Relief in 30 Days

The results are worth the wait with this natural eczema cream

“When I first started using this non-steroid eczema cream I didn't notice too much of an improvement. I've used eczema creams in the past that didn't do much to help my skin. I figured this one would be the same. But, I am shocked and thrilled with the results of this cream. It took a week or so before there were any real noticeable improvements on my arm where I had been applying the cream. But, it was worth the wait! 

It almost completely healed my worst eczema

This patch of eczema was undoubtedly the most severe one I had; it appeared red, scaly, dry, itchy, and just looked gross. Plus, there were scabs I got from scratching it while I slept. But after 28 days of using this cream, the redness and scaliness had both reduced by at least 80%, and most of the scabs had nearly healed completely. The area was softer, smoother and just seemed more hydrated. And, the skin even looked younger to me! What I noticed the most was that it had almost completely eliminated the itchiness. It itched so little that I barely noticed it. 

I've had eczema since I was a kid and so I've tried many different eczema creams. Usually, the only improvement I notice from using them is that my skin might be a little more moisturized and a little less itchy. This non-steroid eczema cream has been by far the best one I've ever used. The improvements were significant and noticeable. 

My family noticed the difference from this non steroid eczema cream

Even my daughter, who's only 3 years old, noticed. She saw my arm and said, "I'm happy your booboos are gone Daddy." I think it means she saw that the red sore-like spots were pretty much gone and the scabs from itching had almost completely healed. 

So, overall I am very pleased with this cream and how well it works. Honestly, I would like to get more to continue using on other eczema-affected areas.”

Before and after photos of non steroid eczema cream

Why is ARCTIVA’s Natural Eczema Cream Different?

Cory marveled at the remarkable effectiveness of ARCTIVA Eczema Cream in alleviating his eczema symptoms, and he's not the only one. This non-steroid cream for eczema is so effective thanks to its powerful ingredients. ARCTIVA is the only skincare line enhanced with HYDROSURF®, a powerful and proprietary glycolipid technology. Utilizing the power of fermented skincare ingredients, HYDROSURF increases moisture retention and helps reduce inflammatory processes. Both are extremely important elements of eczema management. 

And, ARCTIVA Eczema Cream also contains these powerful ingredients designed to provide eczema relief:

  • Firslty, Colloidal Oatmeal: Aids in the restoration of your skin's weakened natural barrier caused by eczema, while simultaneously diminishing inflammation
  • Secondly, Glycolic Acid: An AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), assists in the retention of moisture in eczematous skin and aids in the shedding of dead and dry skin cells.
  • Vitamin A: Even in cases of intense scratching, Vitamin A supports the healing process of your skin during and after an eczema flare-up.
  • Vitamin B Safeguards delicate eczema-prone skin from environmental factors such as dry air and harsh water.
  • Vitamin C: Just as it promotes internal health, Vitamin C enhances the well-being of your skin by aiding in the regeneration and repair of skin cells.
  • Jojoba Oil: By providing nourishing moisture to skin prone to eczema, Jojoba Oil offers a soothing effect due to its calming properties.
  • Honeysuckle: Natural ingredients found in botanicals like Japanese Honeysuckle possess soothing properties that effectively alleviate redness and inflammation in the skin.

If you have eczema and you’re looking for a natural eczema cream that eases irritation, you’ve found it. Join Cory and the countless eczema sufferers who are getting huge relief thanks to ARCTIVA Eczema Cream. This powerful non-steroid cream for eczema comes in a full-size 4.5oz and travel-size 1.35oz canister.

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