Glycolipid molecule in skincare

4 Reasons Glycolipids are a Must-have in Eczema & Psoriasis Skincare

If you've been tirelessly searching for a game-changing solution to tackle the daily struggles of eczema and psoriasis, you’re not alone. Now, more and more people are looking for safer, natural alternatives to steroids and chemicals. However, it can be hard to know the difference between ingredients that work, and those that are just ‘trendy’ yet irrelevant to your skin condition.

An emerging area within the world of skincare that is gaining significant interest are fermented ingredients. More specifically, glycolipids, which are fermented ingredients, are now becoming prominent within skincare products.

The use of glycolipids is growing within traditional skincare; and now scientists at ARCTIVA have started using a specific version of the ingredient in eczema and psoriasis products. ARCTIVA is the only brand offering this game-changing ingredient, branded as HYDROSURF®, to eczema and psoriasis sufferers. The steroid-free formulations combine a blend of glycolipids with FDA-approved actives and other clean ingredients like botanicals and essential oils.

Intrigued? Discover exactly what glycolipids are, and why they’re the must-have secret weapon for anyone battling daily itching, redness, pain and irritation; all common symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

What is a glycolipid blend?

Glycolipids are natural molecules produced from living microorganisms through a fermentation process. In this process, specialized strains of microorganisms and combined with renewable raw materials, including fatty acids and carbohydrates.

The resulting glycolipids are part of a specific class of 100% bio-based surfactants, known as biosurfactants. These fermentation-produced biosurfactants are versatile and multifunctional green ingredients that provide health, safety and environmental benefits.

The unique benefits of glycolipids make them ideal for use in cosmetic or skincare products.

What do glycolipids do?

Because of their multifunctionality, glycolipids can be used to replace chemical surfactants in a multitude of products, including skincare.

What is a surfactant?

Surfactants are molecules known as “surface-active agents”. (This is where the “surf” and “act” come from in the word “surfactant”). The molecules play an important role in formulations and are commonly found in skincare products, including moisturizers and creams.

In skincare, surfactants help:

  • Other ingredients in the product mix together
  • The product evenly distribute and spread easier when applied it to skin
  • Clean skin by removing dirt and oils
  • Lock in moisture and smooth and soften skin
  • ...among other actions

To summarize, surfactants enhance the skincare product's ability to cleanse, moisturize, and deliver active ingredients effectively.

Concerns with surfactants in skincare

Man scratching

Sadly, many surfactants are made from petroleum products or chemicals. When they permeate the skin, these surfactants can strip the skin of its natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation. They can cause damage to skin cells, promote inflammation and in some cases, allergic reactions. Additionally, chemical surfactants can be difficult to break down and may cause harm to aquatic ecosystems or the environment.

Enter glycolipids.

Replacing surfactants with glycolipids in skincare

Glycolipids are a safer, chemical-free alternative to surfactants that actually calm inflammation. They have lower toxicity and less irritation risk compared to chemical alternatives. They also have a wide range of properties and applications that are not achievable by other surfactants.

Glycolipids lower surface tension between liquids, improve circulation of water and water-based nutrients, improve skin moisturization and increase texture and sensory appeal of products. And they do it better than surfactants. This makes them ideal ingredients for products targeting dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It’s all about science.

Glycolipids are 100% bio-based so they’re more gentle

Glycolipid blends are far more gentle than most eczema and psoriasis cream ingredients out there. They’re 100% bio-based and biodegradable. In fact, studies have shown that compared to chemical-based alternatives, glycolipids cause less irritation for people with skin conditions. This makes them a game-changer for people looking for a gentle psoriasis and eczema cream.

To be more specific, a glycolipid blend is known as a biosurfactant. It’s created from nature, instead of being petroleum-based like many other skincare surfactants on the market.

Glycolipid technology in eczema and psoriasis products

HYDROSURF glycolipid ingredient in eczema and psoriasis skincare

To date, glycolipids are only being used in one brand of eczema and psoriasis products. It’s called HYDROSURF glycolipid technology and can be found only in ARCTIVA™ Eczema Cream and ARCTIVA™ Psoriasis Cream.

HYDROSURF is a revolutionary blend of fermented ingredients produced from microorganisms discovered in nature, including the sediment of a glacial lake in Antarctica. The all-natural organic molecules in HYDROSURF are multifunctional with properties and applications not achievable by other bio-based or chemical surfactants.

What are the benefits of glycolipids in skincare?

So now you know what a glycolipid blend actually is, here are the top 4 reasons you need to use an eczema or psoriasis cream containing this fantastic ingredient.

1.) Glycolipid blends enhance absorption of your skincare

Glycolipid skin barrier absorption

Too many eczema and psoriasis creams simply sit on the surface of your skin, creating no change to your skin condition. What a waste.

Due to their ability to reduce surface tension and penetrate the skin’s barrier, glycolipid blends enhance spreadability, solubilization and bioavailability of ingredients. That means products containing glycolipids have enhanced absorption and can reach deeper layers of skin to make a real difference.

Glycolipids also promote better wetting of the skin's surface. This is particularly beneficial for moisturizers and creams, as it helps maximize their contact with the skin for optimal absorption and effectiveness.

Creams containing glycolipid blends penetrate deeply. This makes them especially useful in eczema and psoriasis creams as they help create change deep within the skin, where irritation stems from.

2.) Glycolipid function includes boosting skin hydration

Glycolipid skin hydration

Glycolipids improve the hydrology of skin. They do this by circulating water-based ingredients and strengthening the skin barrier to enhance moisture retention and prevent water loss. Glycolipids can also help form and maintain Natural Moisturizing Factors (Nmf) within the skin.

To put it plainly: Glycolipid blends hydrate your skin and improve its moisture content. The result? Skin that feels nourished, hydrated, and less prone to the discomfort associated with dryness.

One major downside of conditions like dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis is the soreness and frustration of dealing with constantly dry skin. Here’s where glycolipids come in handy. This amazing ingredient can improve the hydrology of your skin by circulating water-based ingredients for better moisture retention.

3.) Glycolipid use in skincare helps encourage skin exfoliation and regeneration

Glycolipids as a skincare ingredient

Skin conditions, like eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis, can cause damaged (or even dead) skin cells to build up. This prevents new skin cells from forming, which slows skin repair.

Glycolipids help repair and protect skin. They are known for supporting the body’s ability to stimulate healthy cell growth and skin activity. This leads to better exfoliation and regeneration of damaged skin, which ultimately results in improved skin softness and smoothness.

Glycolipids also help fortify the skin barrier by filling the gaps between skin cells. When your skin barrier’s function is enhanced, it’s able to do a better job of helping your skin retain moisture. This then helps minimize dryness and flakiness, which is a game-changer for individuals with conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

If you have eczema or psoriasis, you probably have a weakened skin barrier. But that’s okay. Overall, glycolipid blends’ ability to reduce water loss through your skin by strengthening your skin barrier contributes significantly to improved overall skin hydration.

4.) Glycolipid blends support skin’s ability to calm inflammation

Glycolipids as a skincare ingredient

Glycolipids have been shown in studies to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They are known for their ability to improve skin hydrology and increase water mobility. This helps skin naturally respond to inflammation. This benefit is especially important when addressing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Itchy, inflamed skin is one of the most challenging aspects of these skin conditions. Traditional eczema and psoriasis creams containing chemical ingredients or surfactants often exacerbate this itching, leading to a vicious cycle of discomfort.

Glycolipid blends come to the rescue as a natural, safe ingredient that supports the skin’s response to irritation. This means less ‘angry’ flare-ups, and calmer skin between flare-ups.

The benefits of glycolipid blends don’t stop there. Other studies and research have shown an array of other potential benefits, including antiaging, antioxidant/stress response, cell regeneration, epidermal skin barrier protection, hydration, inflammation and immune response.

Whether you have eczema or psoriasis, now is the time to use a steroid-free cream containing a powerful glycolipid blend. ARCTIVA Eczema Cream and ARCTIVA Psoriasis Cream are two amazing options, and the only ones enhanced with HYDROSURF glycolipid technology. They are proven in over 91% of study participants to ease the itch, irritation and soreness of these skin conditions.

The HYDROSURF glycolipid blend works inside these creams synergistically with FDA-approved actives, like 1% colloidal oatmeal and 2% salicylic acid, and vitamins, botanicals and essential oil for maximum relief. So don’t wait, take the leap and choose to ease your eczema or psoriasis symptoms now. Your skin will love you for it.

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