Enhances performance

HYDROSURF is a revolutionary blend of fermented ingredients, commonly referred to as glycolipids, only found in ARCTIVA™ skincare products. HYDROSURF enhances performance by:

  • Boosting absorption​
  • Improving hydration
  • Stimulating exfoliation​
  • Helping the body respond to irritation

Our breakthrough blend of these fermented ingredients date back to the discovery of microorganisms found in nature, such as glacial lakes in Antarctica. 

Hydrosurf boosts absorption

  • Many products sit on the surface and mask your skin conditions without getting to the real source of your irritation.

  • HYDROSURF™ glycolipids boost the absorption of water and essential ingredients into previously unreachable levels of the skin to get to the source of symptoms.


HYDROSURF increases water mobility, which means it helps water penetrate oils and lipids within the skin. The result? Superior hydration and rapid relief beyond the surface of the skin. 


Skin condition symptoms can cause a buildup of dead or damaged skin cells which prevent new skin cells from forming. HYDROSURF™ stimulates skin activity and exfoliation. This allows new skin cells to replace the damaged or dead cells and  results in healthier looking, better feeling skin.


Flare ups of skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis can be triggered by irritants, such as:​

  • Soaps and detergents 
  • Environmental factors or allergens
  • Stress​
  • Harsh ingredients in skincare products​

HYDROSURF™ contains glycolipids which are natural fermented ingredients that have lower toxicity and less risk for irritation as compared to chemical alternatives.  These glycolipids also help support the body’s response to inflammation and irritation.

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All ARCTIVA™ skincare products are enhanced with HYDROSURF™ glycolipid technology, which helps to boost absorption, improve hydration, stimulate exfoliation and supports the body's natural response to irritation. ARCTIVA™ goes beyond the surface to provide rapid relief at the source of your pain and irritation.